HAIR Course

Do you’ve what it takes to be the finest makeup artist? Do you wish to excel in the field of beauty and makeup? Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or you’ve just stepped into the world of the makeup industry, the UK International Academy provides you the platform to unleash your passion. It’s one of the renowned make-up institutes located in Noida, India that provides makeup courses, hair-styling courses, nail art courses, beautician courses and many more.

At UK International hair & makeup academy and makeup institute in Noida, the team is led by the professional makeup experts in India that have extensive experience in the beauty and fashion world. The specialists have mastered the tips and tricks of make-up and hairstyling. By getting yourself enrolled in their master classes, we assure you that you will receive maximum exposure to the makeup world and learn a series of techniques that are going to make you soar high. Our beauty school in Noida not only teaches you the skills that are going to elevate your makeup game to the next level but also lets you implement what you’ve learned by dealing with your own clients. Moreover, the makeup institute not only focuses on teaching beauty skills but it opens the door for your career by teaching you what professionalism is, how to interact with your clients and how to market yourself so that more people can reach out to you.

Once you’ve successfully completed the course, there is a separate salon for students where you could practice your own skills on real clients. That’s right! Practice makes the man perfect and by working with your clients, you’ll get the experience that you need and turn your dreams into reality, for instance, a makeup salon of your own or working with salons that deals with celebrities makeover. We use all branded products, students will get the free access of all products, dresses, jewellery and models for demo and practice.